Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

After playing I can whole heatedly say I hate this game. There I said it lacking in any kind of detective work. The only way to win is by dumb luck. Try again.

So this game is luck based, no strategy needed just guesswork, which is not at all what I would expect from a game based on solving crimes. If the graphics were any worse I wouldn't have given this any stars.

It is a good thing that detectives aren't limited like this IRL.

Edit: I agree it would be ridiculous if it was luck based.
When I have 8 winkles and 4 AP and the 4 I question all share traits that the suspect has, then yes it is luck based! (Unless I am LUCKY enough to get less winkles on my first case) The fact that you don't see that is mind boggling!
Go read @hiimquinn's comment it points out several problems that I'm not going to bother typing out.

Chaz responds:

It's not luck based at all, that would be ridiculous!

Pay attention to the clues. It's not a fast paced game. You need to use your brain. Somebody in the comments has posted a very good breakdown of some of the clues somewhere; check it out if you need a guide.

More AP points definitely needed. You don't have to eliminate them, but there are certainly too few currently, especially if, as the game claims, it affects how many points you get for the next case.

And yes, I am paying attention to the clues (your response to FuryOfFirestorm), and I do get what you're Trying to go for with the descriptions. But a couple more AP points are still needed.

This game is impossible. There are too many vague clues that could apply to several characteristics, sometimes the people are all so similar that no amount of clues helps me figure out who did it so I have to guess entirely, and the clues you get from questioning people are sometimes all completely wrong since no one is wearing those clues. I've never gotten more than two guilty arrests and I've been playing this game for an hour now.