Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

Fun game, but the hints are way to vague, and you can't even tell what to look for. Like "Has some chest muscles". Ok, so he works out.. does that mean his arms are flexing? "Football shaped head", I can't even tell what shaped head they have with a big ass hat on and a beard...

If you added some examine notes for each person it would help. Like "This person has a round head." "This person looks fit." or "This guys head is rather tubular".

Would be a fun game but once you get to level 2 you have no AP, definitely need to get more than 1 AP per level

Initially, I thought it'd be an interesting detective game. However, the description of the suspect was rather vague and it's hard to make a correct judgement with only four APs. After trialing seven or eight cases, I had only successfully found one guilty person. This is disappointing, I know...

Sound effect of the typewriter is somewhat annoying.

Graphics are good.

What? This makes no sense. The eye witness info is often borderline useless, with most of it being nonsensical, the clues rarely reveal anything important considering how unreliable they are at first go, with so many being investigate you'd have to get lucky choosing the first person in order to save up enough to stand any chance of making it in the latter levels...

Seriously, how the hell am I supposed to investigate 10 people with 2 action points? What?

And the "coward" trophy. That's cute, but I really don't appreciate being taunted, especially in such a game where a single misuse of an action point could be the difference between maintaining or losing your streak.

So this game is luck based, no strategy needed just guesswork, which is not at all what I would expect from a game based on solving crimes. If the graphics were any worse I wouldn't have given this any stars.

It is a good thing that detectives aren't limited like this IRL.

Edit: I agree it would be ridiculous if it was luck based.
When I have 8 winkles and 4 AP and the 4 I question all share traits that the suspect has, then yes it is luck based! (Unless I am LUCKY enough to get less winkles on my first case) The fact that you don't see that is mind boggling!
Go read @hiimquinn's comment it points out several problems that I'm not going to bother typing out.

Chaz responds:

It's not luck based at all, that would be ridiculous!

Pay attention to the clues. It's not a fast paced game. You need to use your brain. Somebody in the comments has posted a very good breakdown of some of the clues somewhere; check it out if you need a guide.