Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

Hello sir. I liked your game. I actually had the same idea for a game but I couldn't think of a way to so elegantly create it as you did.

Although there are a few flaws in your game I think.
One is that, this obviously shows a lot of parallels to the board game Guess Who? but there is no way for me to "rule out" someone or mark them down as unlikely. I swear to god I had to keep going back and forth looking at each guy and I would forget if I ruled someone out or not so I had to keep checking the same guys. Part of the addictive nature of games like minesweeper and Guess Who? is marking down the spots you think are correct or incorrect and eventually you are just left with a few options.
The way you did it was just kind of frustrating for me.

And as other people said it was sort of hard to tell from the picture if the guy was "muscular", "plate shaped head" or whatever. Sometimes they wore beards and hats and you couldn't tell at all. I'm assuming you left it this way by design so there is more potentially guilty Winkles but it's kind of frustrating when you cant rule out guys, so it just feels overwhelming.

The game is an interesting detective game, but it has some flaws:
- I've found characters who have matched the descriptions perfectly and yet they are found not guilty. One in particular was a suspect:
-- they were buff
-- had a tubular head
-- were starting to feel old
-- didn't ask for anything in return
The only one that was hard for me to pin down was the "starting to feel old". At what point in the aging process of Winkles do they start to feel old? It's different for humans and everyone has there own interpretation of whether someone or something should be describe as old. The guy was 61. When I compared it with the ones that were in their 70's and 80's, and the only attribute he had was the generosity, I figure it would have to be him. I would gladly check out the other suspects, but you penalize the player for that.
- The level difficulty bounces up and down. Sometimes you'll provide eye witness testimony that has nothing, but physical characteristics and when you get up into the upper levels, there are a lot of the same people with the same appearances and since the attributes won't help, you still have to waste AP in order to get the clothing hints, but, in one example for me, it wasn't enough because I was left with two potential suspects that had the same hat which was the most likely to be right (and the age problem I mentioned above comes into play because one was slightly older than the other) so I had to waste another three AP to get the exact clothing hints.
- Going off of the above comment about unfair difficulty, it takes just one choice that turns out to be wrong to undo all of your hard work up to that point, which is really upsetting.
- You've said that you are going to make a strategy guide. I think you should have included it in the game when it was released because there are way too many things that can be taken more than one way, like "they like to eat" could have been taken to mean they have the food attribute, but it actually means that they are fat. Things to have included in this guide would be the different definitions for each age, such as what age range "is appropriate for settling down or having a family", "not old, but not young", "too tired", "looks back on his long life", and other stuff like that. The ambiguity in this comments leaves to much to guessing.
- I would suggest putting in an option at the end of the game over where in the window where the guilty person is that it say what the guy's attributes were and maybe even re-list what the eye-witnesses said, as this would help people learn how the game was them to interpret information.

Still, I enjoyed playing it. Good luck on your next game.

oh gee, i am really bad at this! xD

edit: finally 1 win...

Couldn have been great but clues are not helpful enough. Bloodlust is match with maniac eyes, really?! How the hell I'm supposed to come up with this.

It was fun, but could be frustrating when you could figure out the traits. It would be a lot better if you could go back and try again immediately and still solve the case even if you arrested the wrong person.