Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

I agree with starBlinky.
The music that comes up when you dont arrest the right one, deserves 4 stars! Just classic.

I think is not enough AP points

Very good idea. I love the music and the idea of reliability on clues. You really have to decide if this is really the person you want to arrest.

The game is quite good when you get a hang of it and the criminal is always distinct from normal Winkles and I like Winkles ;). But when do you get final promotion? On long term it gets tiring. I got 12 streak but still did not get final promotion. And I can't seem to get 'Coward' medal by abandoning case.

I love this game. Have played about three days straight so far. Great concept. I find some of the body types confusing, is 'buff' the same as "has chest muscles?" Also, the way some of the characters costumes are drawn it is tough to tell if they are buff or not.

Chaz responds:

When I have the time I plan on making a strategy guide for the game. Keep an eye on my Facebook page if you're interested as that's where I'll be posting it! That will explain a lot.