Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

spnish please?

it was hard to grasp some of the clues at first, but after some playing, ended up having a ton of fun!

I love to play games but will get bored easily if it takes to long for the story to progress or is repetitious but this game is certainly not that!!! Always up for a good challenge! Loving it so far! Hoping a story might come out of it as that would be fun to see! Hope this game goes far!! Keep up the good work!

this is a great game! it reminds me alot of battleblock with the artstyle and the gameplay was amazing though i failed massively XD i did it on youtube i hope you don't mind i'll be sending you each a link independently but just so it's fair i have a link for anyone who asks

Great and fun game but there are regional things that really effect how you solve the crimes. Like when you say a head is football shaped do you mean football or american football?