Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

this is a great game! it reminds me alot of battleblock with the artstyle and the gameplay was amazing though i failed massively XD

The game is quite good when you get a hang of it and the criminal is always distinct from normal Winkles and I like Winkles ;). But when do you get final promotion? On long term it gets tiring. I got 12 streak but still did not get final promotion. And I can't seem to get 'Coward' medal by abandoning case.

Would be a fun game but once you get to level 2 you have no AP, definitely need to get more than 1 AP per level

addictive little game...lovely graphics and great concept... overall 5/5 :3 <3

same flaws games like 'Finger Him! have. the 'clues' are so extremely vague and most of the time wrong and useless that the whole game is nothing but a wild guessing game.