Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

This is great and challenging. Awesome job!

This was one of the best-produced games I've played all day. It was also just definitively not my kind of game and got boring very, very fast. Great music, great production quality, seamless gameplay, short load times. But... meh.

I need this music for reasons. It's so good melody when you capture the guilty ones. The clues at first might be confusing, yet a good game.

Really hard game, especially once you run out of action points. My suggestion would be to give one, two, or three free action points at the beginning of each round to give people a better chance to find the guilty winkle. The level of difficulty could potentially drive people away. Otherwise, great game, and I will definitely be revisiting it in the near future.

Too hard for me xD can't find the logic of this. But it does seem to be a cool game. I like the atomsfere and art.