Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

This is a good game!

Forgive me if I make some mistakes, English is not my first tongue.

Suggestions for creators:
The hypocrite trait is really too rare, I've found it only once in hundreds of interrogations.
You should add a Unique Winkles counter in Statistics.
There're 4 different categories of cases (murder, theft, conspiracy and fraud), but they don't bring anything extra in the dynamics of the game; I think this is an untapped potential.

These Illuminati things everywhere nowadays are becoming quite annoying, this is why I didn't give a higher rating. Sorry for that, but I prefer to be honest.

Tips for players:
As the second reviewer below me explained a strategy very similar to that I used for myself, I'll just add some extra tips.
1) Try to get as many zero question resolved cases as possible at the beginning, within a streak of 2-3, because you could be more reckless than when you've a higher streak. Why it's important? You'll gain 6 AP for every zero question case solved. Why it's important to do at the beginning? Higher the streak, higher number of location available and higher number of suspected Winkles, lower possibility to solve the case without questioning someone. It's the best way to get rapidly Man of Action Medal. Consider that with this shrewdness I reached the final promotion (streak of 31) with 42 AP.
2) After questioning 3 Winkles you get 3 clues (facial hair, vest and hat). Worst case: if all of them have the red label the guilty Winkle does have none of the 3. Best case: if 1 has a yellow label and others have the red label than the guilty Winkle has for sure the clue with the yellow label. Other 2 cases: if the clues with yellow labels are 2 or 3 than ONE AND ONLY ONE of them will be possessed by the guilty Winkle. It's good to keep that in mind, with higher streak will be of great help to save AP.
3) Sometimes you can find some extra AP scattered around the map. If you don't question any Winkle, abandoning the case will not disrupt the streak. Just put two and two together. ;)
But don't try to cheat: if you abandon the case after picking one or more APs on the map, you'll lose it/them; plus keep in mind that, even if you find the extra APs, the case could be more difficult than another one without them, so you should evaluate as well the eye witness informations.
4) If I didn't miscalculated (In-game Random Encounters medal unlocked but NG's counterpart not, I've to "investigate" why), the Unique Winkles are 7. They're quite rare and they could appear any time everywhere, but they're easy to recognize so I'll not spoil to you anything about them.

After playing I can whole heatedly say I hate this game. There I said it lacking in any kind of detective work. The only way to win is by dumb luck. Try again.

I absolutely adore this game. So simple, so clever, so whimsical.

Some basic tips, by no means a complete guide because it's fun to figure stuff out for yourself.
To find a perfect match you need a guy who matches all four traits. He can have more than these traits, but not less. In this game there are basically two kinds of traits: visible and invisible. Visible traits are ones you can see without any questioning. Clothing doesn't tell you anything unless you've spent some ap (through questioning) so I'm not counting that, the strategy for clothing is pretty simple. The three "visible" traits are Age, Body Shape, and Head-shape.

Body shape:
Body shape should be easy even under clothing if you know what to look for. The three body shapes are fat, buff, and regular.
Fat: the easiest. It's a shorter, wider body.
Regular: a thinnish rectangle that curves to the left at the bottom.
Buff: A thicker rectangle with a bulge on the right side of the chest. This bulge will not always be obvious due to clothing, so look at where its torso curves near the feet. Unlike regular which curves to the left, buff tapers off in a slight curve to the right.

Most of the eyewitness statements referring to a body type are self-explanatory and I don't want to spoil the fun, but there is one tricky one I can remember.
Likes his food - fat. Not foodie!

Next is Head shape. There are only 2. Circular/spheroid and cylindrical.
It's easy to tell head shape without hats and beards, it's harder to tell with them. If you are having trouble try focusing on details-like how beards fit differently on the different head types.
The eyewitness info is mostly straightforward. Circular is things that are round, cylindrical is things are are long or cylindrical. There's one tricky one. If you come across it remember the game developers are British!!!

Age: The youngest I've found is 18 and the oldest was high 90s. Age is definitely the hardest "visible" category, because you don't know the values of the ranges it uses. It's safe to say there are young people, there are middle aged people, and there are old people. There might be more categories. My only tip is that a pensioner is a British term for someone who collects a pension, usually the retired.

If you get eyewitness info with multiple visible characteristics, you've lucked out. Simply don't question those who don't meet the descriptions. As for age try to question people who are near the age that you think is insinuated by the eyewitness info. If you have questioned everyone around this age (who also match your other visible characteristics) without a total match, then broaden the range a bit. Keep age in mind but don't be afraid to interpret it liberally.

If only one guy matches all your visible characteristics, its your guy.
If more than one guy matches all your visible characteristics be sure to weed out those without enough invisible characteristics to fit the profile. Ex: if the eyewitness info refers to a fat alcoholic introvert academic, don't question the fat guy if he has only one question mark. He would need three.
4 total-1 physical = 3 invisible needed to fit profile. same with 4-2 =2 and 4-3 = 1. I can't remember if 4-0 = 4 happens.

"Invisible traits"
Unlike visible traits, you need to question the guy for them. There are probably a few tricky ones but most are very straightforward. A guilty winkle must match all four eyewitness testimonies. If you think they do, check again. Then, arrest the sonofabitch!

well done but you can never spend enough action points in a round to get a clue because then you won't have any next time. I feel like I have to guess randomly who the suspect is because I can't spend action points.