Reviews for "Welcome to Winkletown"

More AP points definitely needed. You don't have to eliminate them, but there are certainly too few currently, especially if, as the game claims, it affects how many points you get for the next case.

And yes, I am paying attention to the clues (your response to FuryOfFirestorm), and I do get what you're Trying to go for with the descriptions. But a couple more AP points are still needed.

I like the concept and the art design, but the limited amount of times you can question anyone is what hampers this game. Since when is a detective only allowed to question 2 out of several witnesses and suspects? Once you use them up, then you're basically left with vague clues and have to resort to guessing. Even worse, after I completed the first case, my next case had almost a dozen people to question, and only one AP to question a single person!

I'd recommend either giving the player more AP from the start, or just doing away with them in the first place and let the challenge of the game come from using logic and reason to sort out the clues and find the culprit.

Chaz responds:

They'd be no point in having unlimited questioning. It would be laid out in front of you and takes the detective element out of it. You have to be frugal with the questioning and really pay attention to the clues. Once you start understanding what some of the descriptions entail, you can go through the cases using barely any AP.

I LOVE this game!