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Reviews for "Crystals"

this isn't new or interesting at all. the music is decent, the graphics are okay, but... it's just, as other reviewers have said, Bejeweled. something more original would get you more stars, but... this is anything but original.

turtlesf responds:

Well, I won't make another Match 3 game any time soon. I had a random strong desire to recreate a certain positive experience I had with match 3s... okay, Bejeweled 2 (space, 3d rendered gems), and few indie ones (obstacles, powerups, matching into blank spaces).

Challenging, sure, but fun? Not at all. This game is a gruelling and increasingly boring experience.

Games like this with randomised layouts rely a LOT on chance. Sometimes I'd breeze through Medium levels with a minute left to spare, and other times... Well, once I got 1 move before "no moves left" occurred, so that gives some idea of how well random can fail to pay off.

This wouldn't be so bad, but we're against the timer, can't save power ups, and have to go RIGHT BACK TO THE FIRST LEVEL if our luck lets us down.

Even the music, which isn't bad, makes it sound like the game's bored of itself after a while.

So unoriginal. So uninspired.

Some things are best left on your own computer. Part of your learning process or whatever. Not everything has to be uploaded and validated.

It's not original and not really all that fun. As been pointed out, it's annoying seeing a blank space that messes up the game play. I did however give half a star because you didn't link this to Google Play or the Apple Store like I see with all these other uninspired games featured on here that are nothing more than clones of games that have been around for a long time..

turtlesf responds:

The blank space mechanic enables you to choose when to swap a crystal into a blank space, potentially making matches with the crystals below, or when the crystals above fall. I took the mechanic from a few indie match 3s I liked, the ones from Grey Alien Games.