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Reviews for "Crystals"

This is very relaxing and calm i love the music. A few things here. One so I was playing easy mode and I almost lost on first level You might want to recheck how often we can get the gems downs for completing the level.

Oh and during some level there were empty spot you might want to implement something to auto fill that up

turtlesf responds:

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! I see what you mean, level 2 for easy was missing spawns for the left and rightmost columns, fixed. Thank you for pointing that out.

Strong game, plays well and with the various difficulty levels there is a good challenge. While the type of game may have been done a lot this version is very enjoyable and feels great to play. Really nice work, congrats on the front page.

This game was was and it is kinda Challenging at the same time. I Enjoyed playing this game. Wednesday was when i played this game. The game can very relaxing at times when you are playing this fun game.

The Easy Level Pack was a piece of cake. i had trouble clear it as I ran out of time of few times when i was going through the easy level Pack. It was the Easiest of the 3 Modes in the game. I Did get the medals, one for clearing the first level of the Easy level pack and the other medal for Clearing the entire Easy Level Pack. I Recntly got a huge score and i oh so close the number one spot of all time for easy mode. For Normal Mode, i had more trouble clearing it. Took me more attempts to clear this mode than the easy mode. I Did manage to clear the normal level pack. I Did get the Medals for clearing the first level of the mode and the entire level pack. For Hard Mode, i kept running of time on the very first time. Time is an issue in hard mode. Powers up is needed to beat the levels in hard more. i playing the hard mode for a lot of hours and i have little to no success of making it through this mode and i have made to hard mode's second level. I Have yet to see the 5 other levels that the hard level pack as to offer. Of one of the powers up, the Bomb power up would clear any gem type depending the color of the bomb is. The browser i was using to play this, The page was freezing and the time was still going and it even happens when the browser i was using to to play game was not responding and either of issues i mentioned happens, it costs me valuable seconds or the rest of the time of any level i play. Overall i did enjoyed playing this game. Out of the medals i got, I Earned 10 of the 11 of them. I Still need to beat the hard mode in order to get that one last medal. I Will to use the power ups to succeed through the hard level pack. This was an awesome. Keep it up

I totally totally love this game! I first encountered it on Mindjolt, where there were five levels rather than seven, and I worked out how to play it by a long process of figuring out what worked and what didn't. Now here there are seven levels, all different, each tier of difficulty different too of course (I LOVE the Hard level but it does live up to its name!!) and I just want to say thank you for designing this game that never feels old or boring, and always offers fresh challenges. Five big stars from me :)

Anybody else having problems with this game lately? I can't get it to work for almost a week.

turtlesf responds:

Yes, something went wrong with where the game is served from (afaik), so you can play it here for now: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/759589