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Reviews for "Crystals"

Fairly basic Bejeweled clone...it would help if you understood that you can move jewels into gaps, though. I lost a couple score attempts because this is not explained.

turtlesf responds:

Agreed, a tutorial page will be added. It's not exactly fair to throw someone into a timed puzzle game like this without instructions, even though most people have played the genre before.

+Pretty solid variation on the "match-three" formula, reminds me of "Diamond Mine" from Bejeweled 3 (which is a good thing)
+Good graphics and music
+Hi-score integration encourages repeat play

-Really needs a tutorial screen to explain what the power-ups are, how to clear the white gems (I passed Easy Level 4 by complete accident)
-No points bonus for chains/combos/cascades/whatever you wanna call them
-Needs either more levels, or some kind of game mode in which you play until you lose

Overall, a pretty solid puzzle game, with some decent potential. It just needs a bit more improving, a bit more polish, and then it'll be great. (And yes, it's kind of a Bejeweled rip-off, but there's so damn many of them already so surely one more couldn't hurt? ;P )

turtlesf responds:

A tutorial screen should be added and some more levels. 5 levels a mode may be too short of a game for someone who has played enough. Chains may be difficult to program. Thanks for the great suggestions.
I googled Diamond Mine and agree, I can definitely see the resemblance (I have played Bejeweled 2, liked the art and sound).

This is really good. :)

Ignore all of the hate dude and keep making games ^_^

It's not original and not really all that fun. As been pointed out, it's annoying seeing a blank space that messes up the game play. I did however give half a star because you didn't link this to Google Play or the Apple Store like I see with all these other uninspired games featured on here that are nothing more than clones of games that have been around for a long time..

turtlesf responds:

The blank space mechanic enables you to choose when to swap a crystal into a blank space, potentially making matches with the crystals below, or when the crystals above fall. I took the mechanic from a few indie match 3s I liked, the ones from Grey Alien Games.