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Reviews for "Crystals"

I like these kind of games that have a timer and you have to move fast, i like the colours and the music fits with the style of game

Strong game, plays well and with the various difficulty levels there is a good challenge. While the type of game may have been done a lot this version is very enjoyable and feels great to play. Really nice work, congrats on the front page.

Challenging, sure, but fun? Not at all. This game is a gruelling and increasingly boring experience.

Games like this with randomised layouts rely a LOT on chance. Sometimes I'd breeze through Medium levels with a minute left to spare, and other times... Well, once I got 1 move before "no moves left" occurred, so that gives some idea of how well random can fail to pay off.

This wouldn't be so bad, but we're against the timer, can't save power ups, and have to go RIGHT BACK TO THE FIRST LEVEL if our luck lets us down.

Even the music, which isn't bad, makes it sound like the game's bored of itself after a while.

@fuckoffasshole is 100% right, it is impossible to clear some levels in the time you set! Besides, in the hard mode it is extremely easy to get stucked with totally no moves as you cannot move the crystals upwards, below the purple obstacles. These levels are almost completely luck-based, not skill-based.

turtlesf responds:

In hard mode, making powerups is important. No more moves shuffle takes gravity into account. Hard mode is pretty brutal. Easy and medium allow more time.

In response to the PM, sorry for the confusion! The diagonal powerup is made by matching 5 of the same in a T or ∟ shape, not diagonally. The powerup itself clears crystals diagonally. I had explained that poorly, so I updated the description. I'm responding here instead of PM in case anyone else has the same problem.

I think the biggest problem I have with this is that it's not balanced well. The pieces are randomized and advancement becomes more of a game of luck, rather than skill. That isn't to say you don't have a nice concept on the tile swap genre, however, I think these kinds of games are overdone what with the saturation of them on mobile gaming and flash games over the years. In closing, it's certainly not the worst game on here, but it's not great, either.