Reviews for "Globe Spinning"

You just got my vote... for president, that is. Weekly, naah. Maybe.

This was perfect. LazyMuffin for president.

I didn't think this was that good. There's actually a weird reason why. I actually used the same joke on myself! Okay, I just pointed to a globe and touched the ocean. Then again, I guess many people have done that. The Earth IS mostly covered in water, you know.

The animation is as good as ever. The best part was probably the baby flying out at the end. Come on, most people think that too! It was really too short. It would have worked better as part of a compilation.

LazyMuffin responds:

i agree sir

Great, just great !
But he's not a geographic teacher, he pointed the globe somewhere in Pacific ocean, and jumped somewhere in the Atlantic ocean.

Where did he go