Reviews for "Globe Spinning"

Honestly, everything was great however, the joke would have been less predictable without revealing where his finger was pointing or how nervous he was being on the plane. Just my opinion, like my asshole. everyone has one so don't take it to heart. Still a great cartoon baybee.

scientifically accurate or not, that was freaking funny! Thanks Yotam!

Great work on the animation but the joke was only mildly amusing at best. The joke was predictable so that removed the surprise factor and deducted funny points.
Additionally, the video was scientifically inaccurate. You cannot open the emergency exit during flight due to cabin pressure (Smith 2013), especially at that high an altitude. The interior pressure fixes the door into place with such a large amount of force that even a champion bodybuilder can't budge it open. In order to open the door you'd have to force the pilot to depressurise the cabin first before you can open the door. If anyone's wondering how skydivers can dive off planes, it's because the planes they leap off from are not pressurised.
I'm giving most of the points for the fluid animation, so good work on that. I hope your future animations are funnier.

Smith, P. (2013). "Cockpit Confidential: Everything You Need to Know about Air Travel: Questions, Answers, & Reflections". Chicago: Sourcebooks.

I feel like it would have been funnier to have him jump out before, then it goes to an earlier that day; spinning the globe, but still pretty good. mr. speeeeeyroooo

Good joke, but the ending was a little lacking. The "Ohhh..." got a chuckle out of me but I actually found that funnier than the ending, which seems backwards to me. This joke may have worked better if the plane scene was directed in a more fast, concise and shocking way.
Nice work on the animation though Yotam. Lookin' smooooooth. You'll always be one of my favourite boys in the business.