Reviews for "Great: The Show episode 9"

Wow, this was one of your most insane! My favorite bit was probably with Charlie Brown. I wish you had done more with that! Dang, was the Peanuts Movie good. Of course, "The Force Awakens" was even better. The animation was really good in this.

It's nice to see Steven Universe parodies. That show really is getting more and more popular. It was as creative as ever. Some of it was kind of dumb, but that was probably the point. That was a lot of logos you had at the end.

A pretty cute and simple animation! I had a few chuckles myself, keep up the good work!

Fricking great stuff, that penis bit with steven universe gave me a good laugh!

There are not words to to describe this masterpiece

Im keeping one star from you because a lack of the Made You Think girl's skit was missing. You regained half that star for Steven's Penis!