Reviews for "Rip Snorting Ep. 2"

Amazing job! Love the animation, artwork, color scheme, voice acting, everything! Keep making more guys. This is my next personal favorite. :)

This is so hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
Just one thing, is the Villainy series ever gonna make a comeback?

i loved the blank shot part great job

I'm glad to see something by DonkeysBazooka! I can still tell that it's from a different author, though. You really set up a good atmosphere. The best part was probably with the hooded figure disappearing. I never knew that about dinosaur meat. Everything moved so fluidly.

I have not seen the first one. It certainly seems entertaining from what I have seen here. It's also pretty unpredictable. The voices are pretty funny too. I'm glad to have people working together like this.