Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)"

Wow it's basically 2 old episodes in one. In fact I didn't know he had return to make animation again, but I watched and well you can see my rating, right?

It basically uses sprite animation, but sometimes you can see full 3d objects, new drawing to represent something and oh boy same climax, but a complete re-imaginative story, that was awesome. Still uses something here and there from the old episodes and some effects from Dragon Ball Z, but seeing I had an impression that he really wants to make something new, not just taking sounds effects, backgrounds and etc directly to the original material, so that's cool.

I've been fan since the original came out like 8 years ago, and we all were waiting to him ends this story, so the time finally come and I just can't wait for the next episode... :)

Theses types of animations shaped my childhood x)

This isn't epic. IT'S THE NEXT STAGE FROM EPIC!!! You've improved a lot since the first version of the first episodes. I can't wait for the reboot of the next chapters! 11/10!!

Super creative! I love it!

This is awesome, so excited to see it coming bad with better quality, music, and such. Can't wait for more!!!