Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)"

are you working alone on this ?

Holy fuck, this needs to be on T.V, Netflix, or hulu. There is nothing good for kids to really watch anymore i can't wait to show my son and niece when they wake up in a few hours. Y'all did an amazing job an if y'all is still making these shows, you need to be making good money for your time an effort. I rate it 10/10.

(Easily 5 stars, A Beautifully Crafted Video, The BEST sprite video I have ever seen, and I love sprite videos)

It's rare to see up-to-date professionally made sprite videos (Even though this video was uploaded in January 8, 2016. So about 2 and a half years ago, but I just seen this, still currently #15 on the all time top list of Newgrounds)

*Warning Some Spoilers*

Extremely good graphics, thus far my favorite video with sprites used, which in my opinion is a huge statement, considering there's thousands of sprite videos on Newgrounds (And on the internet) with lots being professionally made. Mario and DBZ in one? What isn't there to love. Lots of Mario RPG elements in this video including sprites from Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario RPG and the Mario & Luigi series, which I really like. This video even includes Super Smash Bros. sound effects and arena style. Lots of scenes with really nice, unique effects and also nicely used sound effects. I have to say though, the scenes that would zoom in (And there was a lot of scenes that would zoom in) looked outright terrible sometimes, but I guess there isn't much you can do because it's a sprite flash video with it's own unique effects, overall well done. The well done special effects makes the poor zoomed in quality look pretty good, in it's own unique way, feeling fresh. I noticed some scenes had there own art in it, those looked really nice as well. Metal Sonic and Metal Bowser? Cool idea of the metal shroom. I would like to see the metal shroom come back, but this time maybe have someone else become metal, such as Wario and Waluigi. The over powering Metal Bowser was a fresh idea. The cape feather was cool, transforming Mario into Cape Mario, making him a lot faster and stronger which was a pretty dope idea. You had some pretty funny scenes with some pretty funny sound effects as well.

Overall, EASILY the BEST sprite video I have ever seen, and also one of my top favorites of Newgrounds flash videos thus far.


Nice animation! But it already 2 years and there still no episode 2.

Oh please, my mom could take down Rawk Hawk!!!!!!!!!!!!