Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)"

Great animation... But what happened during those years?

The greatest movie on this platform.

i actually loved the original and i was pissed when it stopped even tho it was legitimate to do so, fans can be nightmares, and to si it reborn makes me very happy.
although i think the simplicity of the original gave it charm, the intro is awesome and the rebooted episode has great qualities
in all cases, Alvin-Earthworm please keep having fun, i cant wait to see when the other episode will come out :)

Great stuff

The mario theme was awsome, I do however think the "ZOOM-IN" effect could be changed it really distorted areas but besides that this was a cool movie, Ok so I have gathered that you know what you are doing here there could be a few changes along the way a here and there, But I do like what you have going on here, its good on all fronts.

The zoom in effect could be changed maybe not so close but I understand the intent of it.


are you working alone on this ?