Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)"

amazing animation amazing story and just an all around great even way back when i would watch the original series no matter who i would show they would always be amazed keep up the good work and i'll always be waiting for your next episode

I remember waiting for each episode back on YouTube when you were working on the original saga, continue with it as you can and best of luck

17:21 Bowser learned Draco Meteor! lol. Amazing movie!

God it breaks my heart that this reboot is still undergoing trouble. My deepest of condolences for Alvin-Earhtworm, witnessing first hand all the hate and unjust criticism it was getting, at least on Youtube. I'll love this series until the day I die, and the person behind it. Keep making great art!

Everytime I look at this, it was like the 1st time I saw that reboot.
I cry sometimes looking at it.
... Heh. Damn childhood, love ya.

Also... This predicted Waluigi as assist trophy at SMASH!?