Reviews for "Super Mario Bros. Z (Episode 1)"


reboot of SMBZ 10/10

Good 3d effect! Well, has osme issues, but in the old version it was very simple, and see now! Also, I think some sprites were made by you, very good work! And the animation is very live. Comparing with the old version is wonderful! The old version was very good, but this.. is amazing!
But, nobody wanted to help Mario? Rawr Hawr (Even is notable wouldn't help even if he tries :v) or lakitu, or Princess Peach could call autorities... Nothing? That's weird. He was going to die, and lakitu was talking to public for win population?! Exepting that, wich is very... weird... good work!!

You certainly did an amazing job with some of the animations, and you're clearly working with a bigger "budget", so to speak, but I don't really know why this exists. The original Ep. 1 and 2 were fine. Nothing compared to what you could do by the time you released Episode 8, but a good setup. The fight there was incredibly simple compared to future fights, but that was almost better, because each episode ramped up the fights, making them bigger and bigger. When Episode 1 of the "reboot" starts with a massive, super-powered brawl at this level, there's not much farther to go up in terms of epic scale, so it's hard to be excited for anything like the fight with Mecha Sonic on Yoshi's Island.

The fights here are much more immediate and bombastic, with lots of big explosions and camera angle changes... but with all the bouncing around and smoke, it's harder to follow what's going on and the all of the hits feel like they have less impact than in the original. In other words... the fight is less well-choreographed to me. More flash, less fury.

I'm hoping that this version won't turn into the Phantom Menace of SMBZ. Although with the amount of time between this episode and now, 3 whole years, I think it's safe to say that this is what killed it. I don't really know what happened, but comments are disabled on the Youtube version, so I guess Alvin-Earthworm couldn't take criticism and quit the whole project. That would be... a really, really tragic end to what could have been a great series, if it was only completed...

amazing animation amazing story and just an all around great even way back when i would watch the original series no matter who i would show they would always be amazed keep up the good work and i'll always be waiting for your next episode