Reviews for "Yo Escape the Forest"

The twelve makes sense, but only if a person understands feet and inches. Hint: the quotation mark on the clue board is there for a reason.

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! Glad you got it!

I spent soooo much time to get that the star on the flag was light blue and not dark blue.Except that the story is nice cute and absurd (I love it). But a super cheap cinematic of the canoe at the end or some picture to congratulate the player would be cool.

Game was too easy, yet I did try to feed the cat to the mole. Maybe it would scare it away.

Loved the game except for the puzzle with "12"... makes absolutely no sense to me...

Needs medals. :-(

Just kidding, it was a fun game nonetheless. The shed pass word was harder then I had imagined.