Reviews for "The Many Adventures of Super Baby"

Nice job! A lot funnier than I expected

That was pretty well done. I loved the style. Awesome fluid movement and great pacing and timing of the whole video. I loved how it took a straight dive into dark humor (even though pretty sad) i couldnt stop laughing because of how well timed it was. Great animation!

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks, mate. Really appreciate you taking the time out to write such nice things.
Definitely made my day.
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This was awesome! I loved how clean everything was and the comedic timing was really excellent! It felt like an actual short you would see on TV. Very Professional.

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks so much, mate. That's definitely the dream, so I really appreciate that!

im becoming a big fan of your drawing style, simplistic but enough for great content, love it

I like how the author comments are totally unrelated to the animation