Reviews for "The Many Adventures of Super Baby"

who the fuck just thinks, hey you know what would be great a microwaved baby

RansomniacNG responds:

Well, hopefully more people will now that I've shown what a great and risk-free idea it is.

HAHA nice!
I like it! This babe is so cute :3

RansomniacNG responds:

Haha I'm glad you think so!
3 of my cousins had babies this year and after this cartoon I'm pretty sure I'm never going to babysit for them ever again, so at least I'll still have him.

I too, think of microwaving burrito-babies.

well animated and the voice work is not bad actually. the premise is hlarious. Some hilarious dark humor there.

-1.5 star for the animation style reminding me of Gravity Falls' Animation style.

Don't get me wrong, I love Gravity Falls. That show is nuts. But I like it better when "original animations" like this have their own unique style instead of looking like smething else specially since it wasn't meant to be a parody gravity falls at all. If the entire short was about gravity falls, sure, I'd appreciate it looking like that but it isn't so...

Still. Pretty good. Sorry about the constructive criticism. I know people don't like that.

RansomniacNG responds:

No need to apologize, mate. I appreciate you taking the time to write that.
I definitely agree with you that I went a little too Gravity Falls with this (particularly with the woman at the end)...it wasn't intentional, and I've actually always drawn people this way. But I've been teaching myself animation for the past couple of years now, and Gravity has been a huuge influence and reference point for me during that time purely because I love it. And when I made my first cartoon last year I was really battling with the mouth shapes and timing for my lip syncs, so I referenced the crap out of Gravity Falls for them and I think that may have pushed my characters into the Gravity world more than I'd have liked.
I think that, coupled with some of the backgrounds (which were absolutely styled on Gravity Falls because I have no idea what I'm doing in that department), definitely made the influence too strong overall on this short, though. I'll definitely try reign that in a bit on my next one.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it otherwise. The writing and directing side of things is what I'm really interested in, so it's good to know they weren't the issues on this one.
Thanks again for taking the time to review my short and I appreciate the constructive criticism. I'll definitely be taking what you said into consideration on my next project, and hopefully I'll just naturally start to develop more of a unique style the more I keep at this.

This was awesome! I loved how clean everything was and the comedic timing was really excellent! It felt like an actual short you would see on TV. Very Professional.

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks so much, mate. That's definitely the dream, so I really appreciate that!

That was pretty well done. I loved the style. Awesome fluid movement and great pacing and timing of the whole video. I loved how it took a straight dive into dark humor (even though pretty sad) i couldnt stop laughing because of how well timed it was. Great animation!

RansomniacNG responds:

Thanks, mate. Really appreciate you taking the time out to write such nice things.
Definitely made my day.
I'm glad you enjoyed it!