Reviews for "The Many Adventures of Super Baby"

This was some solid animation, crisp and clean. I was about to let out a little squeal when there was the funeral shot. I was like "No! That killed such a great idea for a series!" But then the beautiful joke came in that made me laugh so hard. I hate to say this because it sounds unfair, but I feel like a little more substance could be added. Not too much where it drags on, but maybe a minute or so just so the video doesn't seem empty. I can't judge this for what it is not, so 5/5.

Great Job! I loved everything about this! I literally laughed out loud.

Love how you didn't have to over do it to deliver the jokes.. very funny!! and the animation is super clean too. the twist was great also lol

The animation and drawing technical quality is superb. The script is really great. They both imho deserve 5. The joke delivery and overall ambiance is kind of conservative (for lack of a better word) and very tepid. This is why 4 appears like the correct rating to me.
Thanks for the great work and investment you made in this. It is technically highly impressive.

RansomniacNG responds:

Hey, mate. Thanks so much for the honest review. And I really appreciate all the kind words.
Can I ask what suggestions you'd make to improve the parts where you think I faltered?
Was it my pacing? My voice acting? Or just the joke itself? Any suggestions, tips or advice you can give would be much appreciated.

Really enjoyed it