Reviews for "Pixel Mythology"

Loved it! Still, not so much a mythology as an opening credits...

I thoroughly enjoyed that. I thought it was an intro to a cartoon but it dragged on after the intros. It could very well be a opening theme/animation to an anime!

I liked the animation but it could have been smoother. I don't know if's my computer or what but the Hearl's walking cycle at 39 secs seemed to lag for me but it may have been a style choice.

As for the music, it was pretty cool - though I wouldn't add it to my playlists.

I look forward to more.

One question: Is it the band "Chunderfins" playing the song "Pixel Mythology" in the clip?

chunderfins responds:

They're playing a shortened version of a song off their album, Pixel Mythology. Thanks for watching!

Nice animation. The characters personalities come through well.

Only wish there was more story and background on them.

this is cool, I love the colors and how expressive the character animation is

Now that was beautiful!