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Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

It was fun at the begining but with time its gets less interesting. It is too short to get boring what is a good thing. Last boss is too long - not too difficult too long, with full upgrades it takes a lot of time to kill him.

Full upgrade awards checks if you are full upgrade at the begining of run - it's a problem because I got fully upgraded in the same round I won and if I didn't restart the game I wouldn't get award.

Drill guys are too brutal, they are pretty much the only ones who dealt damage to me.

Over all this is a well put together game. The graphics are rich with color and the sound effects are unique. Game play is rather smooth and the game simply easy and fun to play. Good job!

It's good for 20 mins, later it's just boring. When u have everything full u can almost just don't move and win game lol.

Snake is a cheat

I dont know if it is my computer or the game. But sometimes all the enemyes just die for no reason.
also i think the 100 box kill medal is a bit too much. i have completed the game several times. but still dont got the 10 box medal.
else. very nice game. easy to play. and good lenght