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Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

Overall it was a good game. Like others have said, it is rather short, but it was fun for the time. Once everything is upgraded, it is also very easy, especially at the beginning, harming its replay value. I also found that Snake might have been a bit overpowered. That humble cardboard box, fully upgraded and with a very fast recharge time, saved me more than a few times with its invisibility and invincibility. I found the other characters' abilities to lacking, except for Isaac's force field that can push everything away.

It is still a good game, and if the game were longer, maybe had a harder mode or harder area, and the character abilities were tweaked a bit, it could be a great game.

Nice, fast-paced, and intuitive.

The only gripe I have (for the short & casual type of game it is) is the lag/choppyness and how it is treated:

The image freezes as the frame rate drops, BUT the mobs & bullets are still calculated as moving, despite the fact that the avatar is considered immobile. That's automatically fatal, and unfairly so, as there is nothing you can do about it.

So almost perfect score, but it needs a patch where dropping frame rate also drops enemy speed.

pretty good but your sorta thrown into everything

I Love this game, it's so addicting. Keep up the good work!

It's a nice game, but you should let people use awsd for movemente and mouse for aim, feels kinda clunky mouse movement and is hillarious watching every bullet miss moving targets.

Also you should rethink skills, aside from snake's box the other seem pretty much useless.

Fun game, but it gets pretty boring fast, money gets useless and you should add health drops, dying and have to play from beginning it's not challenging but tedious.

Has a lot of room for improvement.