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Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

Not bad at all. The monsters are super cute! :) The special attacks were a bit annoying, difficult to control (since I don't directly control my firing direction) and some aren't effective against some enemies, like the force field. Maybe also needs additional balance - I fully upgraded everything except for loot quite quickly, and then all the cash I gathered was useless and I couldn't really strengthen the hero any more.

I like the game, pace and everything, but money becomes really old really fast and becomes actually clutter in the screen in posterior levels. Maybe you could add like a really expensive upgrade, just so we get to spend it on something later on in the game? I don't really know. Maybe it could stop droping once you've bought everything? Maybe that was what Bowie was trying to tell us with "The Man Who Sold The World".

Anyway, congrats. :D

Simple addictive game! Well done!

Very fun wish their were more levels!

snakes box shield is OP also stats would be cool id keep playing for the box medal but idk if i already got it or not and it didnt register or sth