Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

Beautiful graphics and I appreciate the auto-fire. Really good game.

I expect nothing less from the sponsors at gamezhero! I just love this game because of how creative it is. There is just so much insanity going on. It's great to see all these explosions and everything. You have no idea what's going to happen next in this game! The colors and graphics are absolutely flawless!

I only noticed the sound of the explosions when there were more enemies at the end. This just seems to go on forever. I'll probably never beat that final boss, or even SEE him. You definitely got me motivated with this. I especially love the sound when you get more acid containers. This should have won more than just Daily Feature.

Nice, but I think I let that 100 box achievement go. Sheesh.

WOW! Such a great game. It was totally worth playing throughout, never got boring. Characters were awesome and upgrades were as well.

Only problem I had with it was the enemies with the scuba gear on that shot the blue lasers from the left or right. Whenever they were next in queue, they pretty much always hit me because there is no reaction time to be able to get away from its laser line.

Regardless of that, I really enjoyed it. Great job. Cant wait to see more from you.

Somehow there's a minor glitch or bug in one of your medals.... then again I could be wrong.