Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

Not bad at all. The monsters are super cute! :) The special attacks were a bit annoying, difficult to control (since I don't directly control my firing direction) and some aren't effective against some enemies, like the force field. Maybe also needs additional balance - I fully upgraded everything except for loot quite quickly, and then all the cash I gathered was useless and I couldn't really strengthen the hero any more.

Nice and fun how it should be. Perfect to kill some time.
It looks great i like the design and plays well to, i see some improvement since i got a lot of lag in the previous shooter game "Rokilot: The New World" and not in this one which is a major plus for me.

BTW there might be a bug (if you play on firefox) where the left side of the map turns green, it didn't happen on Chrome though...strange.

Looking forward on the next project. Well done!

its great not boring. good at killingtime.

Good game the controls were a little awkward and for some reason the medals did not work for me.

WOW! Such a great game. It was totally worth playing throughout, never got boring. Characters were awesome and upgrades were as well.

Only problem I had with it was the enemies with the scuba gear on that shot the blue lasers from the left or right. Whenever they were next in queue, they pretty much always hit me because there is no reaction time to be able to get away from its laser line.

Regardless of that, I really enjoyed it. Great job. Cant wait to see more from you.