Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

I dont know if it is my computer or the game. But sometimes all the enemyes just die for no reason.
also i think the 100 box kill medal is a bit too much. i have completed the game several times. but still dont got the 10 box medal.
else. very nice game. easy to play. and good lenght

Snake FTW i kicked the Biker Kings ass with him

I Love this game, it's so addicting. Keep up the good work!

I like the game, pace and everything, but money becomes really old really fast and becomes actually clutter in the screen in posterior levels. Maybe you could add like a really expensive upgrade, just so we get to spend it on something later on in the game? I don't really know. Maybe it could stop droping once you've bought everything? Maybe that was what Bowie was trying to tell us with "The Man Who Sold The World".

Anyway, congrats. :D

Snake is a cheat