Reviews for "Wild Wasteland"

It's a nice game, but you should let people use awsd for movemente and mouse for aim, feels kinda clunky mouse movement and is hillarious watching every bullet miss moving targets.

Also you should rethink skills, aside from snake's box the other seem pretty much useless.

Fun game, but it gets pretty boring fast, money gets useless and you should add health drops, dying and have to play from beginning it's not challenging but tedious.

Has a lot of room for improvement.

I dont know if it is my computer or the game. But sometimes all the enemyes just die for no reason.
also i think the 100 box kill medal is a bit too much. i have completed the game several times. but still dont got the 10 box medal.
else. very nice game. easy to play. and good lenght

Snake FTW i kicked the Biker Kings ass with him

I Love this game, it's so addicting. Keep up the good work!

I like the game, pace and everything, but money becomes really old really fast and becomes actually clutter in the screen in posterior levels. Maybe you could add like a really expensive upgrade, just so we get to spend it on something later on in the game? I don't really know. Maybe it could stop droping once you've bought everything? Maybe that was what Bowie was trying to tell us with "The Man Who Sold The World".

Anyway, congrats. :D