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Reviews for "Larry The Looter"

I really like it but how to past the next Level when you killed that guy with the gun?

Aprime responds:

You complete the medals :D

the game is very short but fun, i like how the whole goal for this game is getting the medals, which is challenging and fun.

keep up the good work ;)

Aprime responds:

glad you appreciate that :D

10/10 better then gta online ign

what episode this is

Aprime responds:

S3E13 says a quick google ;)
Glad you enjoyed!

i keep stuck in the shop keeper's place after i killed him

Aprime responds:

Yeah, about that... Thanks for playing!

I like how this is basically a Simpsons: Hit and Run reference, but as a game it's poor.

This needed to be longer than...what....a minute? After you get the medals, there's no real reason to play this again. You've shot yourself in the foot by adding difficult medals, but no real game play.

Aprime responds:

Nope, never played hit and run. It was in an episode. I've made it as long as it was in the episode ;)