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Reviews for "Larry The Looter"

Nothing to add...
Just, good job!

Aprime responds:

Thanks :)

5/5 For a great reference and the nostalgia of being mad as a child that I could never beat this game within a game! I'm impressed you remember this from an episode and surprised it was in Simpsons Hit & Run according to other reviewers. I must be super weird or really lucky...

I remember this game from The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield.

Aprime responds:

Yeah, after I remade Hockey Dad, I had lots of people requesting different Simpson games. This was one of them, so that kinda jogged my memory :D
As soon as I heard it though, definitely an episode popped in my head ;)

Hmm i remember this was the arcade game in $wag, a flashgame of my childhood. Anyway, entertaining game, fun premise. 5 stars my friend.

Aprime responds:

Waaheey, thanks!

This game is wonderful. I remember seeing Bart playing on it on an arcade machine in the episode "Radio Bart". Once again, wonderful remake of the game ! 5/5 starts.

Aprime responds:

Cheers :D

Short but sweet and getting the medals were fun. Nice job!

Aprime responds:

that's good :d