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Reviews for "Larry The Looter"

.I KEEp getting qshot but it wont get me pointless killer andd i thought that would do it but i guess not. i though t walking up to him with out breaking thte glass would do it too. but this gaame is perfect. if only itwas not an; april fools joke.

Aprime responds:

I never posted it on April fools though, you're just a fool :P Just kidding. Glad you enjoyed :)


Aprime responds:


Such a Classic move bro haha

Do you mind telling me what software you use to make this great game?

Aprime responds:

Sure. It's Adobe Flash

Overall I liked the implementation, but it was more of a joke than an actual game.

The "Content" medal was not very straightforward to figure out; I would have rather expected a medal from escaping from several shot attempts from the shotgun guy.

Aprime responds:

I don't think they'd be happy if I made an actual game from it.
That's why content gives more points :D

this game and seen the simpsons game that is played on the Playstation 2 is possible wool in the shop abu but not to do anything

Aprime responds: