Reviews for "DooM: Hell on Earth"

I am not a prude or anything but I like your non porn art better then your porn art, both are very good, trough.

The way I remember it there is no fall damage in Doom I and II. Not sure about later Dooms. Anyway either he is counting on no fall damage or on landing on those soft corpses.

devilhs responds:

There is no fall damage in new Doom too. Not sure About D3 though.
He'll be fine either way (;

MAN! I follow you on HF I didn't know you where also here *_*
I love your art

devilhs responds:

Just recently came here (;

Great! Now you should draw this with goblin slayer with goblins instead!

I'm just happy this will have Doom Eternal with weapon and items from DOOM (1993)

Hell yeah! >:D Now this is what a firefight really ought to look like. Just as masterful as the original cover was, with emphasis on the muzzle flash, suitable lighting, a surplus of red and gore and shadow... really building that atmosphere.

Those tentacles wrapped around the buildings in the background are a nice touch too, though wonder if there were ever any like that in the DOOM universe hmm... anyway this was pure awesome. Going in my favorites fast... classy work.


devilhs responds:

Tentacles around building are from the Doom Eternal.