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Reviews for "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Cinematic Trailer"

So awesome! :) Some of those models seem a bit too plain and/or colorful to fit in with the rest of them (Spyro, Castle Crashers), but on the other hand those are the ones that bear the most resemblance to their old animated counterparts. Though I recognize the characters, it's so different from the original overall! So much more advanced! And without the original music too. I don't think I'd have seen a resemblance between this and the other if it wasn't implicitly stated in the title, but now that it is I'm enjoying the 'improvements' fully. It's not that long, it doesn't seem that elaborately scripted either, there's no dialog or plot (?), and yet it just boilds down to such an awesome ode to one of the grand classics of the NG heyday! Real pleasure to watch. Thanks for making.


I really do love how this is done! Will there be an actual movie? You say, "This video". I don't know if that means the trailer is the whole thing. I admit to having some trouble recognizing everybody. I thought I was a bigger nerd.

This will be awesome if only because of new MLP references. That really was what the old one was lacking. Then again, MLPFIM wasn't around at that time. I love updated stuff! The music and characters used certainly seem great!

This was nothing if not ultimate.

Plus 1 for Bigby.

Always plus 1 for Bigby.

...No Mr. Rogers? How do you make one of these without Mr. Rogers?

mohawkade responds:


Could have put Ultimate Showdown song by Lemon Demon