Reviews for "Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Cinematic Trailer"

Where was the song? Where was the fighting? Where was my neighbor?

An attempt happened

There is WAAAAY too much f**king awesome in this film. I compare this to watching Muhammed Ali fighting Mike Tysom fighting Ken Shamrock fighting The Incredible Hulk fighting Wolverine fighting Mr. T and Chuck Norris.....only to see about 1 minute 20 seconds of HYPE.

How DARE you tease us like this?!

I guess there will be good guys

and bad guys

and explosions

as far as the eye can see.

This is an amazing concept and it made me realize that an actual video like this would be awesome. The only concerns I have are that some of the animations look jumpy or too fast (like at 0:33 & 0:49), but everything else to me is great.