Reviews for "{RB6ELITE} Mad World"

Its good an sad.. boo hoo.

the original still a litte better but this ones cool.

Brilliant remix

I couldn't help but whisper the words to myself. You've remade this quite well, it seems almost perfect for most animations throughout the site.

I have to congratulate you, good job and thankyou for something for me to listen to on my iPod.


I like the Gary Jules version and this is a pretty good remix of it. I reckon it would be even better with vocals (NGAP rules suck XP). I'm gonna go play this on F2Jam V3.


beginning piano is a little off, but still good

Good job!

Great job on a great song. Did you ever hear this at the end of Donnie Darko? My lord, it's the saddest scene in the world with the saddest song ever written in the late 19th century. 9/10 because the piano did sound just tiny bit off in the begining. I think, at 0:09 you should have taken it a few notes lower. I remember it having a pretty heavy feeling to it you know? Overall good work!

RB6ELITE responds:

19th century is 1800s. The original was written in 1982 and the Jules' version in 2003. notes weren't off, its just a shitty piano VST that I used at the time which had no depth to it