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Reviews for "Lara Croft and the Riddle of the Golden Monkey"

I want my girlfriend to be an archeologist. She can riddle my golden monkey anytime.

Ah, the proper, old time badass Lara Croft, the only Tomb Raider that there is.

I'm a fan of all your stuff, but I really like this one! The perspective and background and everything is just very nice.

Gotta love the way that light falls in... really impressive work on the light. On the angle. On Bob. On the both comical angle and serious tone all at once. Such a both pleasure and entertainment to look at.


Lights, shadows, angle, background & anatomy are all on point. For some reason I'm unsure of though, I vaguely feel like MAYBE the breasts should sag lower because of the angle or maybe I'm misinterpreting something most likely.

devilhs responds:

They probably should but you could say it was an artistic choice. I didn't think that it would be looking good.
We could say she is using some special ultratight shirt so her boobs are never got in the way while she's raiding the tombs.