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Reviews for "Lara Croft and the Riddle of the Golden Monkey"

This is freaking awesome!
Color, perspective, Idol.
Really good!

Congratz, on that piece.

She is simply ... I want I can

The perspective, the point of view Oo

Wow nice

So this was really nice love the "VIEW-SHOT" of her hanging down, the detail and texture had lots of depth you are pretty amazing, Would love more shine beating down on everything, A nice piece you have here, while its something you can still build onto, I like your efforts, and builing onto older art pieces can be fun but if not its also fine as is so nice efforts and nice energy.

Would love more shine beating down on everything


I haven't really cared for Tomb Raider since the 90's and I find most fan art of the franchise to be rather bland, but I really like this because it has a nice gritty texture and it isn't over sexualised.
Great work :)