Reviews for "Bloodungeon"

How am I supposed to click anything? There are no instructions in the game or notes on how to click either with the computer mouse or with the keyboard. I have no idea if this is a good game or not since I cant get past the menu screen. The one option I could try is the mute button. The ability to mute the game should be in a menu not something you cycle through with a toggle switch. If it were a toggle switch I suggest one button for music and one button for sound. I like to play with sound and sfx but not music

Stupid medals. I beat the whole game with only a few deaths.

Level design was stupid and unfair. I'm just good at these kinds of games.

The slight lag when you die makes the game feel unpolished and amateurish.

Stupid medals though.

Poorly designed overall.

looks like it would have been fun, too bad the screen transitions didn't work most of the time.
I could rarely get from one room to another and more often then not I could go back to a previous room but not forward to the next one.