Reviews for "Five Nights at Freddy's Parody G.2 part II"

Awesome game, just gotta fix the "reaction time" you know what i mean? Well, its really funny and hard, please make another :D oh and can you tell me how to get the "Mangle is Here!" medal?

where is springtrap?

The game is lacking in story. The reaction time is too short and doesn't allow a player enough time to click or hit a directional key without failing with each new step first. I've played a lot of point and click games, but this one just doesn't stack up.

RodrijahuFyM responds:

The game no contains story, I do not know how many times I have to say, it's just a "funny" version of the original.
About the quick points, is the difficulty of the game, you have to lose to improve later.

Another 5 nights game, I figured this fad was over? There are several difficult mini games where you must click very fast or lose.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

I'm not superhuman, I can't respond at the speed of light.