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Ha, badum tsss

Animation was pretty smooth, the voices were good, but the joke fell flat.
You need some work on that, otherwise keep it up.
The guy being mislead continued on to the point where it was no longer funny and then the punchline ended up being unfunny as well. Potentially a good idea but ended up being poorly executed, I think.

Nice. This could potentially be a long running series, I've been waiting to see another NG series that is good enough for that. Reminds me of older NG toons. I realize though this is an old toon from over a year ago on your youtube channel, hence the frequent uploads. You should upload the rest of these on here. Just not too quickly :P

He sounds exactly like kermit the frog. Did you hire Steve Whitmire to do the voice over or something? Anyway, good video!

Good joke. People might not understand the quality of it when the asking guy points just about every detail that could be wrong with thumbnails. No one would say: "Are they unhygienic?"