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Reviews for "[Awesomenauts] CocoChristmas 2015 Hentai Animation"

Shouldn't this be in "Movies" instead of "Games"? Still, is very polished I rated it as it was a Movie.

FleppyFlepster responds:

Not sure if I can put it in movies. I'm not aware if having at least 1 interactive button disqualifies it from being a movie or not but I would consider it a movie more so than a game myself. I'm just not sure where im allowed to put it.
If there's an easy way to move the file over from games to movies without having to take this one down and re-submitting it there, I'd gladly do so as to avoid any confusion. :)
Just want everyone to have the easiest access to mah porn!

just needs more things you can do and maybe be able to dress her up some or change her color

FleppyFlepster responds:

Trust me. I have the ideas, a lot of them. I wasn't expecting to actually make this in the first place after starting with the base animation. Just wanted to post this to newgrounds cause I don't know anywhere with such ease of access so people over on my blog don't have to download anything to play it if they don't want to.

Now the other thing I've been working on for quite awhile could probably be considered a "game".
This is just a side thing, nothing more. But if people want to see more of this character, I'm way ahead of you :)

Overall well made tbh. Got her skin tone correct and all :P
Sounds work well. Not excessive or annoying. Technically not much to it, but it's enough imo.

Other people should be able to see this. The game/gif should stay!

FleppyFlepster responds:

Thank you! Now everyone on my blog can play this instead of downloading the file to play. Of course you can download them if you want. The files are over on my tumblr :)

its really good two thing that bothers me is that when you do the cum or no cum it reset the animation, which is no big deal but still for future project keep that in mind.

and the 2nd one is that i get that her position is that she is having sex but when you look down it look like there is no one there not even a dildo to be seen and it feels off because of that. This one is a major one.

Other wise i love it perhap a more fluid bounce (more frames) but its really good enough to fap on lol

FleppyFlepster responds:

The button transitions between 1 scene with the cum on her face and the other, so this is what causes the animation to reset simply because it's not 1 animation, it's two.

Also the candy cane shes riding isn't exactly visible. If you look just between her legs you can see the red and the white rings. Might have to fix the animation and raise her up a bit in the picture if it's too big of an issue, she's where she's at because I wanted a good shot of her chest. The main point are the boobs! At least for me!

Anywho. Thanks for the feedback.