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Reviews for "[Awesomenauts] CocoChristmas 2015 Hentai Animation"

pretty neat :D

to get to the question: no even with alot of interactive content it can be considered a movie, as u just swap trough different animations. U can say interactive movies.... just look at all the "Movies" from Mittsies, u can argue there if the amount of interaction actually makes it a game xD

FleppyFlepster responds:

Okay thanks for telling me.
Just want to avoid any of the dissapointment people might have thinking this is a fully fledged game. It's kind of hard to label something as a game or movie though depending on what you consider to be a game. Now that I know though, if I make anything similar to this I'll definitely put it in movies as to avoid misinforming viewers. Just wasn't sure if I could put this in movies.

Thanks again for stopping by and checking my porn out!

Cool animation.

Like everyone has mentioned by now, this is definitely an animation more than a game.

Keep up the good work.

FleppyFlepster responds:

Thanks for stopping by!

Yes yes... I'll be putting my next animation in the Movie section next time if it's at all like this. I might add a few more buttons to this animation though that change the speed just to make it a bit more interactive then it is, or something along those lines.

happy holidays, i hope to see more of your jiggly ideas :D

FleppyFlepster responds:

Happy Holidays!

Hope you stick around, I got a lot of jiggly ideas in store for the new year!

Pretty sexy, but it could use more than just two variations of one animation. Still a nice job though.

FleppyFlepster responds:

I'd have to go back and change a bunch of frames to add more options. The least I could do is change the color of her clothes without having to completely break apart the animation, maybe her skin as well but that would definitely take longer.

Thanks for checking it out! :)

very nice the art style is smooth and sleek the animation runs beautifully also nice choice of music only problem missing a little of the action with the high angle view might wanna zoom out just a tad