Reviews for "Anioco's Undertale"

Okay, I'll admit, that was very clever.... And now that I've seen you express the said idea through a very smooth animation, I feel incredibly stupid....

Ah well, good luck in the future with your animations and/ or other types of work!

How come I can't be this smart?!?

No, really. This is not only well made, but the IDEA behind it was amazing as well!!!

Also, I don't think anyone was expecting THAT to happen. Well done using the element of surprise and not a simple fart joke! I mean, those are fun, but they've gotten to the point where everyone tries to copy Egoraptor. And only he does a good job with it. Whereas you have come up with something that you thought was strange and kinda funny and you incorporated it into the actual film. I congratulate you for doing this well on something so dumb and pointless. Dumb and pointless in the way it should be, of course. That wasn't supposed to be insulting, but I don't know how to phrase things right.

But GREAT job, friend!

Anioco responds:

Thank you! I appreciate your comment. I'm trying to do my best :D

smooth animation magnificent collors funny humor short and beautifull nice job

Dear Anioco

That was very unexpectedly funny! I like how the animation is pretty smooth. I'm not very oriented with undertale though so I gotta ask, does flowey outright attack you like that? Anyways I like the parts where the petals didn't even make Chara flinch, as well as the ending. Ahhh mexicans and lawnmowers and Dora. XD

Regards from a Struggling Youtuber

Anioco responds:

Thanks! I tried to make the video as attached to the game.

Well that was unexpected.