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Reviews for "Moon Stride"

WOW one of my favorite songs for sure! :D and yes I came from GD lol.

Zodin responds:

No surprises there! ;) Thank you

I come from GD

Wow. This song is just amazing. The intro was calm, and made a nice lead into the rest of the song, and the melody fit well with everything else extremely well. I also really appreciate how this song isn't abrupt, with nice transitions from melody to melody. Speaking of those transitions, I like how you kept the original melody from the very beginning, and added on to it, and polish it throughout the song, making the song much more epic. Also, 2:43 was definitely my favorite part. I just think that the instrument used for those 16 measures fit the song wonderfully. I do have a few issues though that brought this down half a star. First, the bass. The bass notes I find to be a bit too low in some parts. I know, the bass is supposed to be low, but, from experience from playing low brass and experimenting with FL Studio, that if they get too low, they sound a bit scratchy, and out of place. Also, in some parts, I think the bass was way too quiet. Most of the parts did fine with the bass though. Second, some of the parts seem a bit repetitive. Before I get into explaining this, repetition is good for techno, but some of the parts appeared way too much for this particular style. Other than that though, this is an amazing song, and I really wish I could give this a 5. Overall, this song is very well done, and fits the same theme throughout the song. 4.5/5 :) (sorry for the way-too-long review, got carried away)

Zodin responds:

Wow what a fantastic review. Thank you very much for taking the time to write it. I'll take your tips on board and also the compliments, i appreciate it all.

In case you were wondering after Kefo's review, you actually did get in a Jeyzor level! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ICKNhOQ4Tw
He made a good choice too with a song like this.

So addictive! Do you mind me using this in a video?

Zodin responds:

Thanks buddy :] I welcome it, please just credit the track in some way or another and that's perfect.