Reviews for "Submachine 10: the Exit"

The most ambitious game in the series, it's huge and a little difficult too, but like every chapter in the series it's an amazing experience and I enjoyed every second of it. The atmosphere, the music, all the misteries you have crafted this many years in this surreal story, comes to a beautiful end. I applaud you!

I have waited for this. Thank you.

Ah, I have been playing through it since yesterday! Might finish it today, if things go well!
Thank you so much. This is the most majestic and wondrous thing I've ever seen. Merry Christmas, Mister Skutnik, Sir. The whole series is a delicious treasure, a masterwork of art, dystopian decay, AI ponderance, philosophy, social commentary, psychomythology, transhumanism and intrigue, and I will treasure your effort for many years to come. Thank you for ten years of your life, sir, for they are beautiful. Best wishes to you and your dreams.

It took me 2 days to finish but I did it. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm officially addicted and I can't wait for more. I love the challenge of the entire game series.